Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Project

My kids and I are doing a summer project that incorporates geography, history and writing. We are writing letters to people all over the world and requesting postcards with 3 fun facts about the place the post cards are from. When we receive the postcard we are putting a pushpin on the location on a large world map. It is a great way for the kids to find different countries, continents and regions of the world.

My kids were kind of apprehensive about this project, they really didn't want to take the time to write the letters and felt like it was a "geeky" idea. Well, I didn't care. I rallied my Facebook friends and requested addresses from all over world so that my kids could start. The response was fantastic!! I have friends who are emailing friends they have to just send postcards without a letter from us. Today alone we received 5 postcards from Poland!! The kids were ecstatic and are now on board with my geeky project. My husband even got on board tonight when he saw the postcards received in one day. He might even rally some of his friends.

Some may ask why I am doing this. Well, first of all, summer is a perfect time to continue learning about the world around us. Now is the time the kids can do what they want to do to expand their knowledge. My son loves maps, but daughter claims geography is dumb. This is proving to be a perfect way for him to study maps, while she gets excited because we are getting mail. Second, I refuse to raise American children who are ignorant about the world around them. When I hear the percentage of American school children who cannot locate the continents on the map, it makes me sad. There is so much to see in this great big world, we all can benefit from learning more about the world.

Wish us luck as we continue to write letters and receive postcards from around the world. I hope to post the cards as we receive.