Saturday, May 28, 2011

Day 149 - Spin Class

I started to take spin. You know that grueling bike exercise that makes you wish that you were anywhere but spin? Yep, I am taking it now. I am going to try REALLY hard to like it. Why? Because it is a really good work out. I had a 50 minute class the other day and burned more calories in 50 minutes than I would on the treadmill for over an hour. Plus, I can tell that it is working more muscle groups. I ended the class with that tired, but energized feeling that one only gets from a really good workout.

Next week I will try to go twice. After that, the number of classes will be dependent on my schedule. I would like to make it a twice a week just for consistency sake. As the summer progresses I would like to add more classes to my regiment. The classes seem to make the chore exercise more fun and easier to attain.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Day 148 - Try To Stop The Sarcasm

I tend to be very sarcastic. Not in a mean way, I am not one to try to hurt someone's feelings. But, I can definitely be sarcastic, probably causing some hurt feelings along the way. I will never promise to completely cut out the sarcasm, it is a part of who I am. Plus, there are times when it is necessary. There are times when people you know present an opportunity for the perfect sarcastic remark. I will try to be more sensitive, but let's be honest, some things require a little sarcasm.

Day 147 - Change The Oil

Today I finally got the oil changed on my car, with a coupon! I am still trying to find ways to include frugality into my blogs. While I have been trying to organize and clean my house, I have also been trying to keep my car cleaned and organized. It is always a challenge. While it seems like it should be an easy, no brainer to change the oil regularly, I find that it is not always easy to find the time. Today, when my daughter was at her math tutor, I found the time.

The place where I got the oil changed insists that it still needs to be done every 3,500 miles. I have heard from several places, the dealership where we bought my car included, that every 6,000 miles is fine. In fact, the oil change light on my car doesn't go on until 7,500 miles and that was set by Toyota. So, I think I will be continuing to go with the manufacturers recommendation, not the retailer who wants more money.

Day 146 - Spend Less Time On Computer

I have been spending a lot less time on the computer, and I have been liking it. I find that on days when I am on the computer way too much, I have a headache and I feel fatigued. Obviously, it is time to cut back. I am going to start to limit my "personal" computer time to 30 minutes a day. That's it, no more. I don't believe that there is all that much on the internet that I need to see anyway. I did make it over 20 years without the world wide web at my disposal. I think I can go even longer.

It is my hope that when my kids see that I spend less time on the computer, they will as well.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day 145 - Take A Cooking Class With My Husband

I can take something off my bucket list! My husband and I took a cooking class together last night. We had a great time and have committed to signing up for a series of classes at a local restaurant in the fall. The food was great, the wine was really great and the instructors were funny and informative. I could not have asked for a better evening.

Another bonus to the evening out was that we did not have to find a babysitter! We have 2 live in sitters for our youngest. I have said this before and I will say it again, we have to start utilizing our free labor around here! These kids have it pretty good, a few hours of watching their little sister every week will not kill them. It will also make us better parents because it is giving us some time alone to recharge and remember why we married each other in the first place. I call this a win-win for all!

Tonight I am going to a cooking demonstration with a friend of mine. So, Eric will have the honor of watching the kids this evening. I have been keeping pretty busy these days, trying to accomplish the tasks that I have been giving myself each day. Finding that the more productive I am, the happier I have been.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Day 144 - I Passed!!!

So today I passed my last exam in a series of exams I have been taking to embark on my new career, which will be, drum roll please..........selling insurance! Wow, doesn't that sound exciting?!?!?

Insurance found me. I was in the insurance biz before kids, when I left I thought that would be the end. But, after a fumbled attempt at a Master's Degree to teach History, for those who wonder why I am not teaching I have 4 words, I live in Wisconsin. Our state budget is in the national spot light and teachers seem to be losing their jobs. I saw no point in getting at the end of a long line of qualified teachers to fight for a job that I would probably never get. So, after posting my resume, an insurance company called me and presented me with an offer to get my insurance license and sell. The rest they say is History!

So, my first love, history, will be my hobby. Insurance, an industry that I know better than I should, will be my career. Life is short, I know very few people who LOVE their jobs, but I know a lot who like their jobs. I am betting I will fall into that category. I get to set my own hours, which is a plus. So, I am happy.

Day 143 - Take A Day Off From The Blog

Just a quick note that I took the day off from blogging in order to study for my last exam. Will be back later.......

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 142 - Fire Up The Grill

Well, I didn't fire up the grill. But, my husband did. This feels like the official start to summer. When the grill is used, and in our house it is used almost nightly in summer, warm weather is here. The smell of meat cooked on a charcoal grill is one those smells that always reminds me of summer, friends and swimming. It was a long winter, which seemed to spill into Spring. We have had a very wet and cold Spring, forcing those of us who love to grill to continue to use our ovens longer than anticipated. Tonight we had hamburgers (my first beef in a couple weeks) with blue cheese, potatoes and a salad. It was a delicious summer meal that tells me that the best of 2011 is yet to come. Here is to a fun summer that we all deserve.