Monday, August 31, 2009

Last Day of summer vacation

Today is the official end of summer, in this house at least. Tomorrow, the kids go back to school. For me, the beginning of the new school year has always been more like New Years for me than January 1st. This is the day I have resolutions that I try to implement into my life. They are typical resolutions. Lose weight, exercise more, get organized, spend more time with family, etc. I suspect that by September 5th, I will have given up and gone back to life as usual. But, for a few short days, I will be healthy, well rested and organized. Maybe blogging these resolutions will help me keep them this year?

Tomorrow will also be the start of our fall schedule. Soccer, swimming, cross country, after school dances and all the other activities children bring to a family will begin. As I try to organize these schedules onto my calendar I feel tired just looking at it. Why do I agree to all of these commitments? I feel guilty that I do not insist that the kids lighten their load a little bit. They over schedule and I allow it. But, my son and youngest daughter love being busy. They love the fact that with these activities, they make new friendships, meet new people and learn new skills. It seems as like they really thrive in such conditions. My middle daughter, takes violin 1 day a week and is truly content with her one activity. She plays because she loves to and appreciates that free time one activity allows her to have. She really is more like me in this aspect. I remember that as a child I preferred time with my friends in unstructured activities.

Post card update, nothing has arrived since our card from Chile. One week and counting. Labor Day will be the unofficial end to our summer project. Of course, we will continue to map out any cards that continue to arrive after the 7th.