Tuesday, October 20, 2009

We finally meet, H1N1 that is.

Life has been so hectic the last couple of weeks. I had to go to Atlanta for a funeral, my work hours have increased (I am NOT complaining about that one), my kids seem busier (okay a little complaint on that one) and H1N1 has paid my home a visit. My middle child, Hannah, has brought this beast into our home, uninvited, I might add.

In the spring when this flu hit, Hannah was so worried about getting sick. She was convinced that if she got it, she would be one of it's casualties. Luck would have it that she was the first in our family to get it and so far the only victim. While she has been miserable, it has been no worse nor better than the regular seasonal flu. To be honest, I am shocked! With all the media coverage focused on this particular illness, I was expecting so much more fear and drama from Hannah and myself. Instead, she sleeps a lot, watches a lot of TV, has read 5 books (she is bookworm) and refrains from participating in sibling rivalry. Last night after 4 days and 4 nights of lethargy, she perked up and suggested we all play charades. We declined, we are not really a charades kind of family. Especially when we are watching our recorded episode of Top Chef, the only show we watch every week, as a family. So, I sit here and write my blog, wondering if I can send her to school today. She still has a cough, it is a bad one. Her fever has only been "broken" for 12 hours. But she wants to go back to school. This is one of those decisions that I feel will be wrong either way. If I send her to school, I am not following the "guidelines" put into place by our district on H1N1. If I have her stay home, I run the risk of having to play charades on my day off from work. Decisions, decisions. Stay tuned, she is not up yet.

Off the track a little bit now. Last week I received an email from Ticketmaster offering tickets to the Kelly Clarkson concert for $25 per ticket. Let me start our by stating, I do not like Kelly Clarkson as an entertainer, she seems very sweet, but not my type of music. I do not watch American Idol, it bores me. But, I have a 10 year old daughter who is part of the Kelly Clarkson demographic. Tween, female, girly girl, dreams of being a singer/actress, the list goes on and on. I happened to receive this email during a generous mood. So, during my break at work I walked to the Ticketmaster outlet at our mall to find out if this is in fact an accurate price, turns out that it is. Of course, the $25 did not include the convenience fee, I always for get about that charge. So, this Friday, my daughter and I will be attending the Kelly Clarkson concert. I look forward to the time with my little girl, alone. It will be great bonding time. While we are at the concert, my 11 year old is having a "Halloween" party with some friends. My husband is in charge of that. Little Maeghan will probably have her choice of Barbie movies that evening, sadly, she has not been included either activity.

Today, I need to go to the grocery store. We are running low on fruit and dairy. I am going to attempt to keep my purchases limited to those two departments, attempting to skip the middle of the grocery store. No mans land, the area of processed junk food.

Have a great day!