Thursday, July 1, 2010

MOney Diet Days 24-30, Conclusion

Yesterday marked the end of the Money Diet. We spent a lot less this month than we did the month before. Here is a list of things that I did to save over the last 30 days.

1. Shopped my pantry and freezer, a lot. In fact, I know my kids are anxiously waiting my trip to the grocery store today. Snacks are gone, sadly so is our fresh fruit.

2. When bored, we visited the library more than a couple times.

3. I brown bagged it to work every time I had to work in June.

4. Bought end of year teacher gifts on sale.

5. Organized this years school supplies to make recycling them in the fall easier.

6. Let more of my magazine subscriptions end. I can't believe how much that is saving us.

7. Cancelled my brow wax (refer to earlier post) and decided to buy a really good pair of tweezers and mirror that magnifies. I am going to try to manage the unibrow at home. No promises on that one.

8. Instead of a pricey father's day brunch, I cooked something just as good at home.

9. Group errands together so that I do not use as much gas.

10. Carried a reusable water bottle with me in order to resist the urge to buy beverages while out.

So, I want to try some new money savers this month. First thing on my list, homemade laundry detergent. I need to know, does it work? Does anyone have a recipe for it.

Have a great day. I am looking forward to a fabulous 4th of July with my family and our foreign exchange student who will be visiting us for the month of July.