Thursday, May 20, 2010

Boy, I have been a terrible blogger lately! Time to get back on the wagon.

I am a mother who is really looking forward to my kids being off for the summer. I am guessing that by mid July I will be singing a different tune, but for now I am happily anticipating 3 months of time with my children.

The last couple of weeks did bring some fun adventures. Last week, I chaperoned a camp out with my daughter and her 5th grade class. Boy, camping with 75 fifth graders is fun while being completely exhausting at the same time. I cherished the time alone with her, okay alone as in her siblings were not with us. She barely noticed I was there, but I loved watching her interact with her friends and peers.

My 6th and 5th grader both had band concerts. I know that someday I will miss those concerts. I think I will leave it at that:)

My 6th and 2nd grade have been happily playing soccer games galore! Sadly, neither one of them are on a winning team. In fact, I don't think that either one them have had a win yet. That's not good, is it? Oh well, I tell them after every loss "you have won if you had fun!" My daughter loves that, my son, not so much.

Hannah and Maeghan are preparing for plays that they will be performing at their last acting classes of the season. I can't wait to see what they have learned.

I finished my class, I am pretty sure I got an A. But, will wait until the final grade is in before celebrating.

Signing off for now.