Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Money Diet Days 13, 14, 15 and 16

So, I haven't been blogging this week. The truth is, I didn't have a lot to report. Spending is way down and saving is up. I did make a trip to the grocery store today, our only indulgence was flexi straws, I guess my daughter had to have them:)

The kids are busy with summer vacation and the district camps that they are in this week. Next week will bring more activity with the start of summer school. Our district has a great summer school program, very cheap as well. One four week course is $8. I spent a total of $32 for my daughters to spend their mornings in summer school. Their afternoons will be spent going on field trips with me or spending time with friends. I am trying to keep summer low key this year.

I am looking for homeschool website recommendations. I am not going to homeschool, but my youngest daughter is in some serious need of spelling this summer. For some reason, as of this year the district does not teach spelling in 2nd grade. I want to use these 3 months as an opportunity to catch her up to where her siblings were at this point in their spelling worlds.