Tuesday, March 16, 2010


The last 2 weeks have been CRAZY! My kids have been sick, I had my first midterm exam in 16 years and I have been trying to maintain a home. I completely forgot to blog.

My daughter and I finished the book Anne of Green Gables for our mother/daughter bookclub. We both loved the beginning but felt sad that Anne had to grow up in it. With loved her character as a little girl. I found it funny that both of us had the same reaction to the same part of the book. Like mother, like daughter.

I have been very frugal. Since I was trapped within the confines of my home for MANY days due to illness (not mine) I found that it was very easy not to spend money.

My 11 year old is having her birthday party this weekend. A sleepover with 11 girls! That is right, 11 girls. We are keeping it cheap. Netflix movies, board games we own, pedicures with nail polish we own, supplies from the dollar store. I ordered a cake and we will have pizza delivered. I am hoping for a decent nights sleep, hope does spring eternal!

Today my kids played outside after school. It was 60 degrees here in Wisconsin. The jump ropes, scooters and bikes were pulled out. I even saw some chalk art work on the driveway, a true sign or spring. Best of all, I saw a robin. The ultimate sign of spring. Yeahhhhhh!!!!!