Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1 - Get Enough Sleep

I am going to start the new year off with an easy change. Get enough sleep. I am a big believer in the importance of 8 hours of sleep a night. Personally, if I don't get enough, I am crabbier than a toddler who hasn't gotten enough. I aim for it every night, last night was no different, I did get 8 hours.

Some think of sleep as a chore or just a simple luxury. It is neither, it is a necessity. Without enough sleep your memory is not sharp, you are less likely to make rational decisions, you can gain weight and you can lessen the strength of your immune system. Of course this list is not all inclusive, the risks go on, far more than I am aware of.

Historically, I have had bouts of insomnia, a problem I have passed on to my own daughter. A few years ago, I talked to my doctor about using OTC sleep aids in an effort to end this ongoing problem. With my doctors advice, I was told that the use of OTC sleep aids is safe and that the benefits of the sleep I am getting outweigh any possible risks. So, when I can't sleep or I know that I am going to have trouble I take one and an hour later I am sound asleep. I sleep for 8 hours straight. I will continue doing this, I will NEVER go back to not sleeping again.

I started the year off with a good nights sleep and expect that the next 364 nights in 2011 will bring me 8 hours a night.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Welcome the New Year

I can't believe that 2010 is already coming to a conclusion! The year flew by, and proved to be much better than 2009. I am hopeful that 2011 will bring the same joy and happiness that we saw in 2010.

2011 is going to be the year in which I turn 40 (ugh!!). I am approaching this milestone with a little trepidation and a little excitement. A new decade with a lot of new adventures. I think my 40's will present opportunities that I didn't have during my 30's. I have decided that in order to enjoy the adventures that the second half of my life will present, I need to get myself healthier, happier and at peace. So, I have decided that 2011 will be the year that I focus on ME. That's right, this mother of 3 is going to do a little self care this year. I have a spare tire around my gut, sciatica that will not go away, life long eczema and a newly discovered intolerance to lactose. It is time for me to take care of me.

I purposely put off blogging for the last several weeks because I wanted January 1, 2011 to be the beginning of my year long journey to a healthier and happier ME. Everyday my blog will focus on something that I am going to incorporate into my life to accomplish my goal. I have a list already of things that I will be doing, but I need ideas. What do you do to make yourself feel and look better? Is it a certain workout? An exotic food? A game that you play as a family that exercises your mind? I need help and ideas. So please, feel free to let me know.

Look for my blogs starting on January 1st. Let me state right now, I will not be blogging with a hangover, those days have been over for years:)