Monday, August 2, 2010

The Sounds of Silence

Yesterday my husband and I entered another phase in parenting. That phase would be "all the kids are at sleep away summer camp and we are all alone for the first time since Clinton was in office!" I know that is a really big phase. One that we have earned and deserve.

So, one might wonder what we did today, our first day ALONE. I cleaned the entire house and my husband studied for a test and did yard work. This does not sound exciting, I know. But, I cleaned the WHOLE HOUSE. I even closed the doors to 2 of the bathrooms and told Eric to keep out until the kids return. I want the house to stay clean and with them being gone, that is in fact possible. I also finished all the laundry, cleaned their bedrooms (which they will hate me for), vacuumed and mopped the floors and cleaned the basement. I even cleaned the laundry room, appliances and all. My husband got the lawn mowed and all of the dog poop is cleaned up, ready for tomorrows garbage pick up. I have not felt this caught up since the Clinton Administration. Wow!

Tomorrow we will celebrate my husband's birthday with a day out of the house. Our plans, lunch at a French Bistro, a tour of a favorite local micro brewery and an afternoon at the bookstore. I can't even imagine. Does the bookstore have more than a children's section? Hmmm, I will investigate and report on that tomorrow.

Now, off to the sun room for a well deserved glass of wine and QUIET. I know that come Friday, I will miss my children with everything I have. But, for tonight, I am embracing the time alone with my husband.