Saturday, August 4, 2012

Boy has it been hot around here!  I am so excited for that first crisp fall morning.  It will be a welcome change from the oppressive heat that has been everywhere.  Of course, with the heat, came the need to use the air conditioning even more.  This month, our energy bill went up $100!  I wasn't expecting that kind of increase.  We also have to pay school registration fees for 3 kids, one who is starting high school.  My son is also having braces put on next week.  Ughh!  I guess I better start saving even more.

This week I saved quite a bit.  Here is a list of the things I did this week help us out.

1.  We had a $57 Costco rebate.  I used it without spending much over the $57 and chose to wait until we need to go to Costco again to renew the membership.

2.  My youngest is in a reading program at Barnes and Noble.  Read 8 books, get a free book.  Today we were able to pick out a book for her to enjoy.

3.  On a very hot and boring day, my youngest and I took in a movie.  We used 2 more vouchers, while it was not free, it felt like it.

4.  My husband's birthday was last night.  Usually we go out for dinner, always spending so much more than we plan on.  This year he chose to stay home instead, grill a tenderloin along with CSA vegetables.  We had smores for dessert and enjoyed some family time.  We saved on bundle by having drinks at home instead of the drinks we would have bought at a restaurant.

5.  There are 2 things I love, Autumn and the Autumn scented candles that make the season even better.  I had a $10 off coupon for Yankee Candle.  I allowed myself the treat of an apple scented candle with my coupon and resisted the urge to buy all the REALLY cute Halloween decorations they have out.

6.  Clipped coupons and saved $15.00 with double coupons at the grocery store.

7.  Chopped and froze several green peppers for the fall and winter.  Looking forward to making some yummy chili.

8.  The kids used the neighbors pool several days again this week to help cool off and entertain themselves.  I did buy them a gift card as a thank you for the limitless use of the pool.  A very small price to pay for the savings on gas and admission.

9.  We had several meatless meals.  Meatless Monday is starting to really take hold in this house.  My 14 year old son, who spends hours a day at soccer practice is starting to really resent meatless nights.  So, I may need to rethink it.  Some days he is spending 4-5 hours doing hardcore training, he needs the protein.

10.  Took advantage of several buy one get one free sales.

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